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1:00AM - 1:30AM

Truth For Life


Ever since Jesus was crucified, people have challenged the facts of His life, death, resurrection, and teachings. How should we respond when someone questions the veracity of the Gospels? Hear the answer on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

1:30AM - 2:00AM

Grace to You


It’s easy to be happy and content when things are going your way. But how can you be thankful when you’re mistreated . . . falsely accused . . . even when your life is in danger because of your faith? Bottom line, why should you still be grateful even when life is hard?

2:00AM - 2:30AM

Leading The Way


Featured on the next Leading The Way, 4 keys to revival from Dr. Youssef’s life-changing series, Rebuilding Our Broken Walls.

2:30AM - 3:00AM

Insight for Living


The greatest victory in the history of humanity looked like a tragic loss. When Jesus died on the cross, His followers couldn’t imagine how His story could end like this. Go back in time with Pastor Chuck Swindoll as he retells the holy saga from a first-century shopkeeper’s perspective. As the . . .

3:00AM - 3:30AM

The Alternative


Dr. Tony Evans says that temptation comes at us from three different, dangerous sources. Join him as he exposes each one of them and tells us about ways to recognize and reject their schemes.


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12:30AM - 1:00AM

Running To Win

Why are believers in Jesus Christ told to “give thanks in everything”? Some wonder if this means we’re to be thankful for calamity. In this message, we sharpen our focus on why we can, and must, be thankful. Let’s discover why and how we can rejoice no matter the circumstances.

12:00AM - 12:30AM

Cornerstone Connection


Pastor Gary Hamrick has been in full time ministry since 1987 when he first served as a youth pastor to high school teens. Then in 1991 he began pastoring Cornerstone Chapel when all 18 charter members asked him to become the first pastor of this new, start-up church. Today, Cornerstone is the church home to a few thousand weekly worshipers, and it is Pastor Gary’s desire to equip them through the teaching of God’s Word, relating the truth of the Bible to everyday life in practical, relevant ways.

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