Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll

Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll

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Insight for Living is the Bible-teaching ministry of author and pastor Charles R. Swindoll. Insight for Living is committed to excellence in communicating biblical truth and its application.

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Encouraging Others, Part 1
Before Paul put the final period on his first letter to the Thessalonians, he issued a double-edged command: “encourage . . . and build up one another” (1 Thessalonians 5:11). In a world more sinful than saintly, such a command is necessary and can alter the course of our day because the spirit of discouragement, which seems to be the default setting, is dangerous.

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The Hidden Secret of a Happy Life

What’s the most Christlike attitude you can exhibit? You might guess “love” or “faith.” How about “forgiveness”? There’s only one place in the Bible that truly describes what it means to be Christlike. This free MP3 reveals the challenging illustration of what Jesus said and did. What an example to follow!


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