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Spiritual Life

What the Book of Job Reveals about Trust during Loss

Job had a choice. He chose to maintain his faith. He suffered and struggled with God, but keep praying. He creates a positive portrait for us today of believing that God can heal and restore...making us better than before.

How Can I Have Faith in the Midst of Fear?

Scripture invites us to acknowledge the reality of fear while not allowing its presence to discourage us from faith. One of my favorite definitions of courage describes it as "the ability to persevere through all emotions." ⁠I love this perspective because it does not neglect our emotional experiences but empowers us to be present with distress while not allowing it to dictate our response.

How to Vote Biblically As a Christ-Follower

Politics matter, and if you are a Christian you should be politically active. The reason is because culture matters. The world matters. We are citizens in this world, and the Bible says that as citizens we have a duty to the world in which we live.

4 Micro-Habits That Build Your Faith

While habits can be great to improve your productivity at work or the gym, building strong habits (one small step at a time) to grow your faith will nurture your relationship with God.


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