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Travel Tip - How To Drive On A Two Lane Highway

Picture this. You made the decision to take a family vacation. You booked all the arrangements, packed the car, and are setting out for fun, excitement and much-needed relaxation. The kids are in the back, your spouse is your trusty co-pilot, the coffee is hot and the GPS says only four hours until you reach your much-needed vacation destination. In the final hour of the drive, you follow the directions off the interstate and onto a two-lane state highway. Only 26 minutes on this before you get to the cabin. Only one problem, the speed limit is 55 and the person in front of you is going 38. What in the world is this person doing? Do they not know what the speed limit is? Obviously, they are so old they shouldn’t even have a license. And of course, this is a windy unfamiliar road. You have no idea when it will be safe to pass. This is going to take forever! 

In my younger years, being stuck behind a slower-moving vehicle is all I needed to set off a chain reaction of an escalating aggravated hissy fit of rage culminating in a ridiculous expletive-filled shout fest. But before THIS situation turns into THAT, may I offer some words of advice? 

When coming up behind a vehicle driving slower than you on a two-lane highway, the first action to take is to slow down and increase your following distance. Then, take a deep breath and relax. Take another deep breath and let your mind and body calm you. Let’s remember a few key points about this situation. You have no idea who this person is that’s ahead of you. Maybe they know something you don’t. Maybe they know this part of the road has a lot of wildlife darting across it or blind spots or speed traps. Maybe they are trying to retrieve something that has slipped into their eye! Maybe they are just taking their time and being EXTRA cautious. Who knows. What we do know is that statistically speaking, they aren’t going to the same place you are so before you know it, they’ll turn off. The important takeaway is this: being stuck behind a slower driver isn't a cause of frustration it’s an opportunity to grow as a human being. I know it sounds a little corny, but it is true and I’ll bet anything you agree. 

I don’t wholly subscribe to the “life is about the journey” cliche, but I do believe it is a part of it. The next time you find yourself in this situation, take it easy. Calm down and talk with your children or other travel mates. Listen to a podcast or a little music. I assure you, a little extra anticipation will make your arrival that much sweeter.

No get out there, put your seatbelt on, see the world and I’ll see you in line at security.  



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