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Notes From The Road - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been in the news recently and these nasty little critters make for excellent news headlines. If you haven’t been the victim of bed bugs, then consider yourself lucky. I rank them on the “awful scale” somewhere in the neighborhood of lice and crabs. Awful. And while most instances are isolated and dealt with swiftly, the likelihood of you encountering them is pretty low. But here are a few basics. First, bed bugs don’t usually travel on their own. They travel from place to place in people's things…most notably the luggage.  They love cloth, fabric and wood which is why you always should inspect your mattress before you sleep on any mattress. In hotels, I NEVER put my luggage on the floor. I always put my luggage on a luggage rack or shelf. In addition, I usually prefer staying at national chain branded hotels where the daily cleaning protocols and pest control are standardized. Most hotels know exactly what to do and dealing with the little buggers is pretty routine. So fear not and travel on my friend! 



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