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How To Make A Chicago Style Hot Dog

Travel and food? You bet! This is an iconic Hot Dog and I love it. It's easy to make and oh so delicious! In this post, you'll learn what you need and how to prepare this amazing dog! Incidentally, my friend over at the Vienna Beef sausage company will ship you an entire Chicago-style hot dog kit! The link is below and no, I don't get a commission for the sale. Wait...why don't I? Happy dog eating! 

A Chicago-style hot dog is a beloved and iconic street food originating from the city of Chicago, Illinois. This delectable delicacy is a true reflection of the city's culinary heritage and is known for its vibrant combination of flavors and toppings. To make a mouthwatering Chicago-style hot dog, you will need the following ingredients: 


Yield: 1 Chicago-style Hot Dog

1 Vienna Beef Hot Dog

1 Poppy Seed Bun

1 t Yellow Mustard

1 t Bright Green Relish

1 T Chopped Onions

2 Tomato Wedges

1 Dill Pickle Spear

2 Sport Peppers

Dash of Celery Salt.


1. Grill or Boil the Vienna Beef Hot Dog in water until heated through (do not overcook).

2. Steam or warm the poppy seed bun to ensure it's soft and ready for assembly.

3. Place the hot dog inside the bun.

4. Squirt a line of yellow mustard along one side of the hot dog.

5. Add a generous portion of bright green relish on top of the mustard.

6. Sprinkle chopped onions over the relish.

7. Place tomato wedges along the opposite side of the hot dog.

8. Nestle the dill pickle spear alongside the tomato wedges.

9. Finish off by adding sport peppers on top, according to your preferred level of spiciness.

10. Finally, sprinkle a pinch of celery salt over the entire creation.

Now, if you want to see an expert demonstrate the art of making a Chicago-style hot dog, you can watch the video below. Or, you watch our Beyond Your Backyard episode from Chicago where I learn how to make this world-famous dog. With this guidance, you'll be able to replicate this classic recipe with confidence and savor the authentic taste of Chicago right at home!



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