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PowerPoint Ministries is the radio and television broadcast ministry of Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church — a nearly 37,000-member church with three campuses in the Dallas and North Texas region. Through PowerPoint Ministries, Dr. Graham offers practical, biblical steps on how to tap into God's power for successful Christian living.

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An Endless Hallelujah
On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham brings a message from the “Invisible” series designed to encourage even greater excitement within us about what Heaven will be like. We need not trust the speculations of men when the Word of God is so clear about what waits for us in our Father’s House.

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Discover what God’s angels can do for you!

God has made His angels available to you – to be your supernatural support system. In Dr. Jack Graham’s book Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters, you’ll discover that while only Jesus Christ offers the salvation you need, God’s angels can comfort, strengthen, and guide you in your daily battles, always pointing you to Christ Himself.   


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