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HopeLives365 with Mark Finley

HopeLives365 with Mark Finley

About HopeLives365

HopeLives365 exists as an international Bible based Christ-centered ministry to give people hope for today, tomorrow and forever. We believe that discovering God’s ultimate plan for our lives brings life’s greatest joy. In a world of uncertainty, God’s Word, rightly understood, brings certainty and assurance. Our ministry will provide you with the resources to live a life of total health-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are interested in improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health there are resources on our HopeLives365 site that will make a positive difference in your life. If you have questions about faith check out our short video clips titled “Truth Still Lives.” If you would like to listen to powerful Biblical Sermons, Pastor Finley’s messages will touch your heart and change your life. If you want material on healthful living, Ernestine Finley’s Natural Lifestyle Cookbook and health related materials will get you on your way to a longer, happier and more fulfilled life. If you have concerns about the future and would like to face tomorrow with greater confidence our presentations on Bible prophecy or one of our Bible Courses are just what you need. The resources on this site are designed with you in mind to enrich your life. It is our desire that they make a powerful difference for you and your family.
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Wholeness in a Broken World pt. 2
Continuing the message of health, Pastor Mark says if you want to be heathy, invest in developing healthy relationships. Relationships developed in the context of a loving church environment reduce the risk of mortality and increase life’s happiness.

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New Resource: New Beginnings for a New Year

Discover 4 Practical Principles for Godly Living in the New Year! This study of the book of Philippians shares principles of how to achieve lasting and positive change for godly living in your life.


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